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  • No fires of any kind.

  • No smoking.

  • No animals besides equestrians allowed.

  • No alcoholic beverages.

  • No bicycles or any motorized vehicles on trails.

  • Obey posted speed limits.

  • Commercial photography allowed by permit only.

  • No roadside parking (park in desginated areas only).

  • Hike on designated trails only.

  • No rock climbing.

  • No firearms, explosives and fireworks.

  • Do not disturb, mutilate, deface or remove any plants, natural or cultural objects.

  • No loud music or noise.

  1. There is no potable(drinking) water available except for purchase at the Trading Post.

  2. Hike with a friend. Tell a friend where you will be hiking and when you expect to return.

  3. Know your limitaions. Stay within your capabilities.

  4. Know your trail. Use a map and compass when hiking in the back country.

  5. Hydrate your body the night before. Drink water until your urine is clear. No alcohol; alcohol speeds up dehydration.

  6. Carry as much water as you can. Rule of thumb, you will need at least one quart of water per hour of hiking. Drink constantly, do not ration water. Drinking when you are thirsty is too late. Freeze your water the night before three quarters full and top off before leaving.

  7. When half of your water is gone, turn around and head back.

  8. Protect yourself from the sun. Dress in layers. Wear loose clothing; long sleeve shirt, long pants, wide brim hat, sunglasses, bandanna, sturdy shoes. Use sunblock and chapstick.

  9. Pace your self.

9. Keep children near you and stay on trail.

10. Know the symptoms and treatment for heat related illnesses, for example, heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

11. Beware of rattlesnakes, They do not always rattle. Assume all snakes are dangerous. Pay attention to where you step and where you place your hands. Let the snake go its way. Do not harm or handle snakes.

12 When hiking in the back country you need to be prepared for emergencies. Below is a list of items that may come in handy:

a. First aid kit (Basic items should include antiseptic, bandaids, bandages, tweezers, safety pin, moleskin.)
b. Flashlight e. Whistle
c. Lighter f. Electrolytes
d. Signal mirror g. Poncho
h. Pocket knife

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